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Chiropractic & Massage Therapy

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Chiropractic Care: 
I started my career as a Chiropractor in 1998 and have been practicing in the Outer Banks since 2002. I come from a strong philosophical background focusing on overall body function / wellness for the entire family. This is accomplished through gentle, hands-on adjustments of the spine on a regular and consistent basis at a very affordable price. Techniques used include Full-Spine, Thompson Drop Table and Extremities.

Mis-aligned vertebrae, (aka: Subluxations), can be caused by poor posture, diet, emotional stress, repetitive motion, trauma... basically Life. That is why it's never too early to start regular Chiropractic Care. I run a Family Practice with an emphasis on kids of all ages, (yes... even infants), and I  also work with many athletes looking to optimize their mechanical function enabling them to perform at peak efficiency. I have a strong commitment to bring regular Chiropractic Care to each and every individual that chooses to attain a greater expression of Life. One function of this goal is to offer my services at a cost that the whole family can afford. Subluxations ALWAYS interfere with the communication between your brain and your body, which ALWAYS leads to diminished bodily function and improper body mechanics.  However, subluxations DO NOT always cause pain. 

  • Initial Visit = $60 
  • Maintenance Visit = $30
  • Juvenile with paying Adult = $15
  • 10 Visit Package = $250

Massage Therapy by appointment only.